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FNP student who is looking for a clinical rotation at an adolescent detention center

Posted 22 days ago by Sue Smith

My name is Miriam Ly Paclibon and I’m a second-year FNP student at Yale University and a current NHSC scholar. I’m in the process of planning my clinical rotation for the month of April 2022 and am interested in doing a clinical at an adolescent detention center or elsewhere that provides healthcare to youth in corrections, preferably on the west coast (California), however, I’m flexible and open to other locations in different states. I am required to complete between 60-120hrs at this site with an APRN, PA, DO, or MD. I am expected to graduate in May 2022. After graduation, my hope is to work with either an adolescent/adult population in corrections and/or in a transitions clinic. You may contact me at 


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